Bespoke and prototype projects

JB Engineering (Hatton) Ltd project work has covered a wide variety of industries, such as mining, food, and beverages, and from blue chip companies to smaller entities.

We offer a complete turnkey production experience, which benefits customers by keeping costs down and improves production control, maintaining  quality to JB standards.

The customer's required scope of work (the product) is always thoroughly established at the beginning of a project. This thorough approach is continued along the production process, installation and commissioning.

Over the years JB Engineering has completed a variety of successful high-value projects, and we have seen many repeat orders, such as soil samplers and packer enclosures.

'Your success means our success ’

Beer keg chimb rectification rig

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The above system was a prototype project.

The scope of work was to build a machine that could rectify damaged beer keg top rings.

These beer kegs could not be reused due to impact damage. 

Rectification of these kegs was achieved by using forming dies under hydraulic pressure to reform the rings back to their original shape.

This rectification rig was an original idea and, as you can see from the images, it was successful at reforming damaged kegs and therefore reducing waste. 

Screw casing

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The images above demonstrate the fabrication and assembly of project work for screw casing and refurbishment.

All the manufacturing services here at JB were utilised, from laser cut parts and press braking to welding. The casing was then transported to site and installed. 

The only outside support needed was for sourcing consumables such as bolts, sheet metal and welding consumables.

The screw casing was part of a bigger project that also involved our overhauling and installation services.

Soil sampler on mounted trailer

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The above project shows a trailer-mounted system manufactured from the customer’s designs.

The whole system was manufactured here at JB using the following services: lased profiles, press braking, rolling, welding and mechanical assembly.

Some components, such as hydraulics, specialist piping, rubber profiles, sheet metal, bolts and screws, were brought in from established suppliers.

We have manufactured a variety of dust collectors and been involved in further development of these systems - systems that are exported around the world. 

Packer dust enclosure

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These project images shows a packer enclosure. The enclosure was fabricated and installed to reduce the amount of plaster dust being lost to the surrounding environment.

The enclosure was tailor-made around the sitting machinery. All the panels used were manufactured here at JB using our service processes. The panels were then transported to site and installed; the site installation was planned around suitable shutdown days.

Post-installation the outcome was very positive and there was a marked increase in recycling of dust into the machinery spillage system. Environmentally there was reduced plaster dust contamination.