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If your finished product needs assembling or fitting, JB Engineering (Hatton) Ltd offers our experienced workforce to install it for you. Our tradespersons fit products like stairways, casings, beams, ducting and machinery. 

Your product will be transported in a suitable and safe vehicle so that there is no risk to your product. When it arrives on site we will work quickly and efficiently to assemble and install it so that any downtime is minimised.

Our experienced staff will make sure that you are 100% happy before they leave. We can also maintain the product for you after it has been fitted.

Large fabrications can take place back at our Hatton workshops, to minimise downtime on your site, and then installed.

Our installation teams are backed up by fully equipped workshops at our JB site at Hatton. For example, this means that any extra metal components can be sourced without delay.

Case study: Identifying efficiency

Thanks to our experience, on a site visit with one customer’s engineer we identified a cost-saving run for pipework for a compressed air supply fabrication and installation project.  We delivered five days earlier than initially planned, and met the commissioning date deadline.

''Close customer communication is our priority and this attention to detail - before, during and after a project is completed - ensures quality and           customer satisfaction.'  

Just give us a call on 01283 812348 - ext 2.